2022 Preaching Series

1/2/2022 - 12/18/2022

In This Series

  1. “The Ninefold Path of Jesus: Hidden Wisdom of the Beatitudes” - Mark Scandrette
  2. Rev. Paul Conti, "Blessed"
  3. "Practicing the Way of Jesus" - Mark Scandrette
  4. Rev. Paul Conti, "Not Enough"
  5. Rev. Paul Conti, "Blessed Are Those Who Mourn"
  6. Rev. Paul Conti, “From Comparison to Love”
  7. Pastor Young-Ki Kim, “Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst (and Groan)”
  8. Rev. Paul Conti, "A Parable"
  9. Rev. Paul Trudeau, "Unwanted Blessings"
  10. Rev. Paul Conti, "The Way of the Wilderness"
  11. Rev. Paul Conti, "The Beatitudes of Pastoring"
  12. Rev. Paul Conti, "The Mercy We Give"
  13. Rev. Danny Fong, "Limited"
  14. Pastor Young-Ki Kim, "Blessed Are the Table Turners"
  15. Rev. Paul Conti, "The Way of Radical Love"
  16. Rev. Paul Conti, "Fear, Anxiety and Resurrection"
  17. Reflections - Galen Hong
  18. Rev. Brenda Wong, "Grief and Discernment"
  19. Reflections - Karen Seth
  20. Reflections - Kim Towsley
  21. Rev. Dr. Sunday Agang, "Implications of Christ's Resurrection"
  22. Rev. Dr. Al Tizon, "Led by the Spirit: How Do We Know?"
  23. Reflections - Mike Peterson
  24. Reflections - Cregg Ramich
  25. Pastor Young-Ki Kim, "The Gift of Disillusionment"
  26. Reflections - Vivian Jeung
  27. Reflections - Randy Chang
  28. Reflections - Amy Hong
  29. Pastor Dale Gish, "The Joy of Table Fellowship"
  30. Reflections - Irene Fong
  31. Rev. Justin Richter, "Finding Diversity in Unity"
  32. Retreat Reflections
  33. Rev. Dr. Al Tizon, "Being Mission: God's Call to Be"
  34. Rev. Lyle Reese, "Glory from the Mundane"